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Graduate Independent Study

PSY 400 or PSY 500 Independent Study is an opportunity for graduate students to study an area of interest in depth under the supervision of a faculty member. Graduate students are responsible for developing their own independent study project. Students are required to produce a substantive work product from the independent study — generally a paper, although the nature of the final work product may vary.

Students and their faculty supervisors should complete the INDEPENDENT STUDY CONTRACT. The contract is an interactive Microsoft Word document that should be completed on a computer. Students should complete the top portion of the contract and provide a brief description of the independent study project. The faculty supervisor must complete the student's responsibilities and grading criteria portion of the contract. The contract should be printed and signed by both parties. The signed contract should be submitted to the program or sequence coordinator for approval. After signing the contract, the program or sequence coordinator should submit the contract to the Graduate Programs Office for approval by the department chair.

Students cannot register for PSY 400 or PSY 500 until the contract has been approved by the department chair. When the contract is approved, the Graduate Programs Office will processed an override for the course, and students will be notified when they can register.