Department of Psychology at Illinois State University


Tentative Schedule of Topics for Spring 2015 CBS Professional Seminar

Fridays 2:00- 3:00, DeGarmo 48

Jan 16

Organization & Introductions  

jan 23

Speaker: David Vinson, M.S., University of California, Merced

Language Use Under Social and Cognitive Constraints


jan 30

CBS Topic: Visiting PhD places (Dr. Wagman)

Feb 6

Student Speaker: Angela Conte

feb 13

Speaker: Dr. Tom Stoffregen, School of Kinesiology University of Minnesota

Exploratory Movement in Affordance Perception, or, the Kinesiology of Epistemology

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feb 20

Speaker: Dr. Gary Rainey, University of Illinois, Chicago

Can Reading About Gravity Help You Understand Cats? Transfer Benefits Across Seemingly Unrelated Texts

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feb 27

Student Speaker: Amanda Hubbard


mar 6

Interview Day - No Proseminar

mar 13

Spring Break - No Proseminar

mar 20

Speaker: Dr. Damian Kelty-Stephen, Grinnell College

When the "ceteris" aren't so "paribus": Individual differences in cognitive performance and the full-body, multiscaled imbalances that participants lay at our laboratory doorsteps.

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mar 27

Student Speaker: Michael Nehlsen


apr 3

Speaker: Dr. Laura Cogin, University of Texas, Austin

Place cell coding during slow and fast gamma oscillations


apr 9 - special Thursday Talk

Old Main Room in BSC @ 3:30

Speaker: Dr. Michael Turvey, University of Connecticut

The Theory of Perception-Action for All Organisms: What Kind of Science Does it Entail?


apr 10

Caterpillar Auditorium (in State Farm Hall of Business building)

Speaker: Dr. Claudia Carello, University of Connecticut

Mutuality in the Perception of Affordances and the Control of Movement


ISU Research Symposium today - please request morning session if you are presenting

apr 17

Student Speaker: Jennifer Brown

apr 24

Speaker: Dr. Lana Kuhle, Department of Philosophy, Illinois State University

Perception Beyond Object Perception - A Case for Expanding our Standard Account of Perception in Bodily Awareness

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may 1

MPA - No Proseminar




Past Proseminar Topics