Department of Psychology at Illinois State University

Tentative Schedule of Topics Spring for  2014 CBS Professional Seminar

Fridays 2:00- 3:00, DeGarmo 48

Jan 17

Organization & Introductions  

Jan 24


Jan 30

Article discussion: Brian Day

Smarter than the average bug

Feb 7

CBS Topic: PhD. Programs and getting a job (Wagman)

Feb 14

Article Discussion: Glenberg, Witt, & Metcalfe (2013) From the revolution to embodiment: 25 years of cognitive psychology

Feb 21

SArticle Discussion Devin Gill

Kuylen, Balas, & Thomas (2013). My shadow, myself: Cast-body shadows are embodied

Feb 28

Applicant Day Activities

Mar 7

Student Speaker: Amanda Hubbard

Mar 14


Mar 17 @ Noon

Guest Speaker: Dr. Tony Chemero

Mar 28

Student Speaker: Daniel Nuccio


Apr 4

Speaker: Dr. Scott Jordan,, Illinois State University. Reading: Jordan (2013).

apr 11

ISU Research Symposium

apr 18

Student Speakers: Angela Conte

apr 25

Guest Speaker: Dr. Robert Goldstone, Indiana University, Being part of something bigger than us: The patterns that human groups spontaneously create

Reading: Goldstone et al. (2008)

May 2

MPA - No prosem


Past Proseminar Topics