Department of Psychology at Illinois State University


Tentative Schedule of Topics for Spring 2016 CBS Professional Seminar

Fridays 2:00- 3:00, DeGarmo 48

jan 15

Organizational meeting

jan 22

CBS Topic: Visiting PhD Programs (Dr. Wagman)


jan 29

Student Presenter: Joey Bai

feb 5

Guest Speaker: Dr. Jean Pretz, Elizabethtown College, Use of Intuition and Analysis in Clinical Decision Making in Nursing



feb 12

Guest Speaker: Dr. Ellen Furlong, Illinois Wesleyan University. Comparative Cognition: What Animals can Teach us About our Minds



feb 19

Article Discussion: Cowley (2015) (Emilio Lobato)



feb 26

Student Presenter: Daniel Schloesser


mar 4

Applicant Day - No Proseminar

mar 11

SPRING BREAK - No Proseminar

mar 18

Guest Speaker: Dr. Brian McCuskey, Utah State University, Sherlock Holmes: Virtual Reality Goes Viral


Abstract | Readings 1 & 2


mar 25

Student Presenter: Kassie Lee


apr 1

Student Presenter: Emilio Lobato


apr 8

No meeting - ISU Research Sympoisium


apr 15

Guest Speaker: Dr. David Rosenbaum, Pennsylvania State University, The Cinderella of Psychology


Abstract | Reading


apr 22

Article Discussion: Gentner (2010) (Dr. Cutting)

apr 29

Guest Speaker: Dr. Eric Leshikar, University of Illinois, Chicago




Past Proseminar Topics