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The first graduates of our Clinical-Counseling Psychology Program graduated in May 2002. Since then, 115 students have graduated from our program.  As we illustrate below, many of our former students are working in mental health centers where they do direct service or, in some cases, have moved into management. We have also had many students move on to doctoral programs in psychology.

If you are a Clinical-Counseling alum, please contact us (using the link on the left) and let us know how you're doing. Also, Facebook users can go to the Clinical-Counseling Psychology at Illinois State University Facebook page and click "Like" to get status updates and contact other alumni. We look forward to hearing from you.

Degrees awarded in 2014

Sarah Biehl

  • Outpatient Therapist, Heritage Behavioral Health Center, Decatur, IL
  • Thesis: Effects of Language on Exchange of Social Support in an Online Community

Christine Bowles

  • Therapist, Community Reach Center, Denver, CO
  • Thesis: Outcome Variables of Childhood Sexual Abuse as Potential Risk Factors for Sexual Revictimization in Adulthood

John Cayer

  • Adult Outpatient Counselor, Aurora Mental Health Center, Aurora, CO
  • Thesis: Ironic Effects of Stigmatizing Tobacco Smoking

Genevieve Covert

  • Thesis: Clinician Interest in Working in Substance Abuse Treatment: The Role of Self-efficacy, Outcome Expectancies and Stigma

Nicholas Johnson

  • Outpatient Therapist, Heritage Behavioral Health Center, Decatur, IL
  • Clinical Competency Project: Gay Identity Development: A Review of Literature Relevant to Providing Psychological Treatment

Carol McSweeney

  • Counselor/Case Manager, DeWitt County Human Resource Center, Clinton, IL
  • Adolescent Outpatient Clinician, Chestnut Health Systems, Bloomington, IL
  • Clinical Competency Project: MRI Brief Therapy: Theories and Techniques

Jessica Oseland

  • SASS Therapist, The Center for Youth and Family Solutions, Bloomington, IL
  • Thesis: Examining the Associations between Attachment Expectations for Romantic Relationship Development and Conflict Resolution Strategies

Jennifer Yeoward

  • Crisis Counselor/ACS Counselor, Sinnissippi Centers, Dixon, IL
  • Thesis: Factors Influencing the Major Satisfaction and Leadership Aspirations of Men and Women in Traditional and Nontraditional Fields

Degrees awarded in 2013

Stacey Arlis

  • Mental Health Counselor, NorthShore University HealthSystem, Highland Park, IL
  • Outpatient Therapist, Heritage Behavioral Health Center, Decatur, IL
  • Clinical Competency Project: The Use of Motivational Interviewing for Obesity Management

Nichole Bosserman

  • Outpatient Therapist, Heritage Behavioral Health Center, Decatur, IL
  • Clinical Competency Project: Living in the Present: A Review of the Mindfulness Literature

Adam Craig

  • Clinician, Brief Solutions Team, BASE Team, Midtown Community Mental Health Center, Indianapolis, IN
  • Clinical Competency Project: Suicide and Impossible Worlds: A Review of Literature Relevant to Psychological Treatment

Samantha DeHaan

  • Doctoral student, School Psychology, Illinois State University.
  • Thesis: Masculinity, Femininity, and Suppression as Moderators of the Anger Experience-Expression Relationship

Caitlin Hartman

  • Clinician, FamilyCore , Peoria, IL
  • Clinical Competency Project: Stress and Coping in Pediatric Cancer: A Literature Review of Effects and Interventions

Samantha Kalmar

  • Therapeutic Interventionist, CIRCLE Academy, Cunningham Children’s Home, Rossville, IL
  • Service Coordinator, Child and Family Connections #14, Peoria, IL
  • Thesis: Using Self-Affirmation to Reduce Stigma Consciousness in People with Learning Disabilities

Erin (Schandelmeier) Logan

  • Outpatient Therapist, Alpha Assessment and Counseling, Enid, OK
  • Outpatient Therapist, Choices Institute, Enid, OK
  • Clinical Competency Project: Combat-Related PTSD in Military Personnel: A Comprehensive Literature Review

Skylar McKinney

  • Therapist, Self-Injury Recovery Services, Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital, Hoffman Estates, IL
  • Clinical Competency Project: Bowen Family Systems Theory and Therapy: A Literature Review

Emily Morrow

  • Doctoral student, School Psychology, Illinois State University.
  • Clinical Competency Project: Major Depressive Disorder in Children and Adolescents: A Comprehensive Review


Chelsea Mueller

  • Primary Clinician, Phoenix Recovery Home, Chestnut Health Systems, Bloomington, IL
  • Clinical Competency Project: Religion and/or Spirituality in Psychotherapy: A Literature Review

Mary Beth Ryan

  • Guidance Consultant, ComPsych, Chicago, IL
  • Thesis: Daily Disclosure of Unpleasant Emotional Events: Predicting Typical Disclosure and Disclosure Variability

Rhiannon Steffen

  • Outpatient Therapist, Heritage Behavioral Health Center, Decatur, IL
  • Clinical Competency Project: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Children: A Literature Review

Jessica Tobey

  • Counselor/Case Manager, Center for Behavioral Health, Louisville, KY
  • Clinical Competency Project: Male Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence: A Contemporary Literature Review

Kelsey Wechter

  • Mental Health Counselor, Alexian Brothers Health System, Hoffman Estates, IL
  • Clinical Competency Project: Female Perpetrator of Intimate Partner Violence: A Review of Literature Relevant to Providing Psychological Treatment

Degrees awarded in 2012

Meera Afzal

  • Clinical-Counseling Psychologist, Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • Clinical Competency Project: Coping Strategies of Rape Victims: A Preliminary Look on How Western Research and Treatment Approaches Apply to Pakistani Society

Tiffany Chang

  • Doctoral student, Counseling Psychology, Indiana University
  • Thesis: Racial Microaggressions among Interethnic Asian Groups: Chinese and Asian Indian American

Mark Copertino

  • Adolescent Therapist, Central DuPage Hospital, Winfield, IL
  • Clinical Competency Project: Love and Rejection: Assisting Clients in Moving On After the Dissolution of a Romantic Relationship

Ashley Johnson

  • Patient account representative assistant, St. Joseph's Health Services Gundersen Lutheran, Hillsboro, WI
  • Master’s student, School Counseling certification, University of Wisconsin Stout
  • Thesis: Romantic Relationship Development: A Progression of Milestones and Related Attachment Stance

Abby Ramon

  • Doctoral student, Counseling Psychology, Tennessee State University
  • Case Manager, BJC Behavioral Health, St. Louis, MO
  • Thesis: Belief in Love vs. Cynicism: What Difference Does It Make?

Claudia Skowron

  • Mental Health Counselor, Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital, Hoffman Estates, IL
  • Clinical Competency Project: The Personality Trait of Sensation Seeking: A Comprehensive Empirical Review

Brittny Suchy

  • Mental Health Therapist, The Wedge Recovery Center, Philadelphia, PA
  • Clinical Competency Project: Coping with Stress: A Comprehensive Literature Review

Heather Terhorst-Miller

  • Therapist, Sleezer Youth Home, Freeport, IL
  • Thesis: Affirmative Action Values: The Beliefs of Undergraduate, Master’s, and Doctoral College Students and Their Views toward Diversity

Caroline Van Aman

  • Parent-Child Specialist/Foster Care Therapist, Children’s Home and Aid of Illinois, Bloomington, IL
  • Adoption Preservation Therapist, Lutheran Social Services of Illinois, Peoria, IL
  • Thesis: Self-affirmation and Contact by Proxy as an Intervention to Decrease the Stigma of Psychological Help-seeking and the Stigma of Mental Illness

Leslie Van Ert

  • Doctoral Student, Counseling Psychology, University of Kansas
  • Thesis: Shame, Anticipated Support, and Disclosure of a Secret to a Potential Counselor

Lauren Wheeler

  • Addiction Therapist/Substance Abuse Counselor, Chestnut Health Systems, Bloomington, IL
  • Clinical Competency Project: Incorporating Religion and Spirituality into Treatment

Lauren Young

  • Doctoral Student, Counseling Psychology, Ball State University
  • Thesis: Sexism as a Predictor of Attitudes toward Women in Combat

Degrees awarded in 2011

Erica Behrens

  • Doctoral student, University of Iowa, Counseling Psychology
  • Thesis: Guided Imagery and Its Effect on Career Decision-Making Self- Efficacy, Career Indecision, and Career Exploration

Kristen Braun

  • Visiting Senior Research Specialist, University of Illinois-Chicago College of Nursing, Health Care Innovation, Chicago, IL
  • Consultant, Macon County Mental Health Board, Decatur, IL
  • Consultant, Skill Sprout, Peoria, IL
  • Clinical Competency Project: Behavioral Interventions in Elderly Populations with Dementia: A Review of Relevant Factors

Arin Brewer

  • Recovery Specialist/Research Coordinator, Fayette Companies/Human Service Center, Peoria, IL
  • Thesis: Effectiveness of a Role Model Card Sort for Clarifying Values, Increasing Personal Growth Initiative, and Increasing Vocational Identity

Natalie Chase

  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation Service Coordinator, Cedar Pointe Rehab and Nursing Center, Cicero, IL
  • Clinical Competency Project: Examining Alcohol Use and Misuse among College Students: A Comprehensive Review

Sara Duffy

  • Clinical Competency Project: Malingering Psychological Symptoms: An Empirical Review

John Hinrichs

  • SASS Therapist, Catholic Charities, Bloomington, IL
  • Thesis: Video Modeling: A Comparison of Narrated and Non-narrated Video Models for Teaching Social Skills to Adolescents

Sarah Kendell

  • Program Coordinator, Lincoln Prairie Behavioral Health Center, Springfield, IL
  • Clinical Competency Project: A Clinician’s Guide for Treatment of Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse: A Literature Review

Mary Lee

  • Account administrator, Whytecliff Group Limited, Hong Kong, China
  • English teacher for children with dyslexia, Hong Kong, China
  • Thesis: The Relationship Between Past Parent to Child Violence, Past Sibling Violence, Attachment Styles, and Intimate Partner Violence

Megan Moran

  • SASS Therapist, Catholic Charities, Bloomington, IL
  • Clinical Competency Project: Losing a Loved One: A Literature Review of Bereavement and Resilience

Leah Reuschel

  • Clinician II-Counseling, Community Elements, Champaign, IL
  • Clinical Competency Project: Generalized Anxiety Disorder in Children and Adolescents: Implications for Research and Practice

Diana Saccomanno

  • Clinical Competency Project: Treating Unipolar Depression in College Students: A Comprehensive Literature Review

Neeva Sandhu

  • Counselor, Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery at Advocate BroMenn Medical Center, Normal, IL
  • Thesis: Ethnic Identity, Acculturation Strategies, and Psychological Adjustment in Asian Indians

Jamie Sikorski

  • Behavioral Health Specialist, Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center, Lemont, IL
  • Clinical Competency Project: Clinical Issues in Psychotherapy with Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Clients

Nicole Vega

  • Counselor, Psicología Integral and private practice, San José, Costa Rica
  • Clinical Competency Project: Binge Eating Disorder: A Literature Review

Teresa Young

  • In-House Crisis Specialist, McLean County Center for Human Services, Bloomington, IL
  • Clinical Competency Project: Gender Roles and Expectations in Clinical Practice and Research

Degrees awarded in 2010

Sarah Altergott
Brittany Bachman-Ott
Scott Baird
Rachelle Bauer
Nora Bunford
Megan Catlin
Jennifer Hall
Jamie Hansen
Courtney Lee
Nona Philippe-Albrecht
Angela Phillips
Robin VanHerrmann
Sarah Welte

Degrees awarded in 2009

Amanda Burress
Kelsey Dennis
Angela (Marotta) Garrison
Allison Gorczowski
Sadie Nazarczuk
Daniel Santangelo

Degrees awarded in 2008

Katharine Alder
Leslie Davis
Emily Gardner
Kevin Hegi
Rebecca Hoerr
Arusha Sethi
Ruth Stanton

Pia Zeinoun

Degrees awarded in 2007

Brie Bertges
Sara Byczek
Shannon Chrismore
Shannon Dixon
Haley Downing
Jonathan Lindsey
Rose (Miller) Metivier
Christopher Modica

Rachel Reader
Dana Smith

Degrees awarded in 2006

Leah Barr
Geoffrey Bathje
Melissa Dougherty
Christine Hetcher
David Kasson
Kara O'Brien
Emily Privia
Jessica Scharf
Kristina Taylor
Melissa Zygmun

Degrees awarded in 2005

Julie Anderson
Robert Banks
Suzanne Bilik
Alyssa Bursott

Amber Dowers
Jamie Edwards
Erika Engstrom
Josephine Gentile
Amanda Kennedy
Robin Lashbrook
Kristena Rudloff
Lauren Sax

Degrees awarded in 2004

Lisa Albaugh
Michael Berg
Sarah Bragg
Feri Collins
Keri Droegmiller
Tangala Duncan
Denise Goff
Synthia Jackson
Kara Lidy
Stephanie Steinman
Elizabeth Suter
Cara Tietje
Brandon Underwood

Degrees awarded in 2003

Sara Abels
Stacia Beste
Michele Borynski
Sherry Brendalen
Katherine Connolly
Erin DeSutter
Matthew Hunt
Rani Iyengar
Julia Nelson
Sarah Nielsen
April Page-Sloan
Scott Porter
Jessica Rudolphi
Katherine Sellmeyer
Sara Suhr
Brandy Weis

Degrees awarded in 2002

Emily Ashpole
Andrea Behrends
Allison Denehy-Truttmann
Kelly Hird
Kara Meisenheimer
Lorna Moser
Mary O'Connor
Maru Prepejchal
Megan Rickey
Stephen Stumpf
Christina Vinovich
Christina Ward
Mona Williams
Tammy Williamson