Department of Psychology at Illinois State University


Mission and Goal of the Clinical-Counseling Psychology Program

The master's program in Clinical-Counseling Psychology provides rigorous training in basic areas of psychology and their application in assessment, counseling, and psychotherapeutic treatment.

The goal of the program is to produce graduates who are:

  • informed by a scientific approach in their provision of mental health services;
  • holistic in their approach to mental health, incorporating strengths from both traditional clinical psychology and traditional counseling psychology philosophies in their work;
  • highly competitive for professional positions in mental health agencies (broadly defined, including community mental health, substance abuse treatment, and child welfare);
  • prepared to pursue successfully a career path that includes doctoral study in psychology and related fields, if desired; and
  • likely to grow into leadership roles in mental health agencies eligible for licensure as a licensed clinical professional counselor in Illinois.

The program seeks to accomplish these goals by emphasizing:

  • critical thinking skills;
  • methodological training that prepares individuals to be sophisticated consumers of psychological and psychiatric research;
  • integration of research with practice;
  • the personal and professional development of students; and
  • multiple philosophies of human development, etiologies of psychological distress, and treatment.

The program is committed to providing high quality didactic and experiential coursework in scientific and professional psychology and to maintaining low student-faculty ratios.