Department of Psychology at Illinois State University


Alumni Careers – Where are they now?

This Web site provides past and/or current professional information about our alumni. We have attempted to contact all alumni and receive their permission to include their educational and career information on this Web page. If you are a graduate of our sequence, we would like to know where you are now. Contact Dr. Corinne Zimmerman with your educational and career developments since graduating from our sequence.

Degrees Awarded in 2013

Nicole Hilaire, Doctoral program, University of North Carolina - Charlotte
Martin Gallegos
, Doctoral program, University of Texas - Austin
Derek Herrmann, Doctoral program in Curriculum & Instruction, ISU; Assessment Office ISU
Kelsey (Klitzing) Kort
Christopher Marosi,
Doctoral program in Educational Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago; GII Company Member, Giordano Dance Company Chicago

Degrees Awarded in 2012

Angie Calvin, Doctoral program, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Degrees Awarded in 2011

Ryan Field, Doctoral program, Family and Human Development, Arizona State University

Degrees Awarded in 2010

Kristy Barnes
Emily Foster, Residential Treatment Specialist, Adoloescent Unit, Cunningham Children's Home, Champaign, IL
Rebecca Nemecek, Master's Degree Program in Marriage and Family Therapy, University of Nevada - Las Vegas
Shauna Summers, Adjunct Psychology Instructor, Heartland Community College; Pastoral Care and Counseling Coordinator, Illinois Great Rivers Conference; Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Heath Counseling, Bradley University

Degrees Awarded in 2009

Allison Bock, Doctroal program, George Mason University; Mental Health Specialist, Mary Washington Hospital; Adjunct Faculty, Germanna Community College
Jeremy Orr, Adolescent Counselor, Provena Mercy Medical Center
Amanda Mason-Singh, Doctoral Student, University of Maryland-College Park
Stacy Mann, Instructor, Heartland Community College; Instructor, Illinois State University
Alisha Ray

Degrees Awarded in 2008

Katelyn Kanwischer, Healthy Steps Coordinator, University of Illinois-Chicago
Jamie Koenig, Doctoral Student, University of Iowa
Kathleen Vivrito

Degrees Awarded in 2007

Kate Johnson, Instructor, St. Louis Community College; Crisis Interventionist, Behavioral Health Resources; Lead Crisis Intervention Counseler at Behavioral Health Response.
Lauren (Mock) Beverung, Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin; Postdoctoral Fellowship, Medical College of Wisconsin
Lisa (Sweas) Hurley, Leadership Development Specialist, Dean of Students Office, Illinois State University; Emergency Crisis Counselor, Centre for Human Services

Degrees Awarded in 2006

Leatrice Brooks, Doctoral Student, Western Michigan University
Rosanna Gomez, Sessional Instructor, Illinois State University; Special needs facilitator, North Suburban Special Recreation Association
Jeffrey Mavros, Director of Admissions, Illinois State University; Assistant Director of the Annual Fund, Illinois Wesleyan University
Tina Steel, Prevention Specialist, DeWitt County Human Resource Center; Teen REACH Program Director, DeWitt County Human Resource Center

Degrees Awarded in 2005

Melissa (Ator) Murphy, Service Coordinator, Child and Family Connections; Protection & Safety: Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Instructor at Kaplan University, Administrative Director of Youth & Family Services at Behavioral Health Specialists (Norfolk, NE)
Melody Joy Dransfield, Research Analyst, Social Science Automation, Inc.; Research Coordinator at Speech & Hearing Services
Melanie Lebo, Clinical Coordinator, The Mentor Network; Child Prep and Profile Specialist at Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries

Degrees Awarded in 2004

Kelli Gschwind, Research on Autism Center for Education (RACE) School
Amanda Kearney, Program Analyst, Department of Family and Community Services, Albuquerque, NM
Molly Knapp, Vice President of Community Programs, Tazewell County Resource Center (Child Care Center)
Reema Obaid, PsyD program in Clinical Psychology, Illinois School of Professional Psychology in Chicago; Milieu Therapist, Children’s Memorial Hospital

Degree Awarded in 2003

Tiffanny (Collins) Powell, Clinical Case Manager, The Children’s Foundation

Degree Awarded in 2002

Kelly Trevino

Degrees Awarded in 2001

Jennifer (Adams) Lass, Clinician/Consultant, DuPage Co. Health Dept.
Kristin Foster, Family Specialist, The Baby Fold
Stephanie (Kurz) Phillips, Guidance Counselor, Sacred Heart-Griffin
Kimberly Otter-Henderson, Ph.D., University of Utah ; Instructor, Boise State University

Degrees Awarded in 2000

Carolyn Clawson, Ph.D., Iowa State University; Research Associate, Purdue University, Adjunct Professor, Ivy Teach Community College
Melissa Curran, Assistant Professor, Family Studies and Human Development, University of Arizona; Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Texas at Austin; Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
Heidi (Ostergaard) Long, Case Manager, Belle Center – Chicago, Third Grade Teacher (K-8 certified)
Lynn (Tingley) Clement
Takaoka, Yoshie

Degrees Awarded in 1999

Rebecca (Dukes) Carlson, Daycare License Representative for Illinois DCFS
David Rudden, Doctoral Student, Loyola University

Degrees Awarded in 1998

Ada (Boston) Wainwright, Ph.D., University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana; Associate Professor, College of DuPage
Timothy Kelly
Casey (Kelso) Halsey, Administratve Services Manager, State Farm Insuance
Meredith (Mohrhaus) Allman, Teacher, Brooklyn City Schools; Research Assistant, Case Western University
Dorothy Welty-Rodriquez, Academic Professional, Department of Psychology, Illinois State; Faculty Member, Heartland Community College; Faculty Chair, St. Louis Community College

Degrees Awarded in 1997

Kathleen (Campano) Kirby, Faculty Member, Lake Washington Technical College, Kirkland, WA.; Doctoral Candidate, Syracuse University, Child and Family Studies
April (Clark) DeNatale, Quality Initiatives Center Based Manager, The Family Conservancy; Senior Coordinator, Head Start Quality Improvement Center for Disabilities; Disabilities Specialist, KCMC Head Start
David Hansen, Ph.D., University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana; Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Illinois; Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Illinois; Assistant Professor, University of Kansas
Emily Seilhamer

Degrees Awarded in 1996

Michael Criss, Ph.D., Auburn University; Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pittsburgh; Research Associate, University of Pittsburgh; Assistant Professor, Oklahoma State University
Eugie Foster
Kerry (Kraft) Powell, Educational Specialist Degree-School Psychology; School Psychologist in Elementary School; School Psychologist in High School
Brenda Lohman,, Ph.D., The Ohio State University; Postdoctoral Fellow, Northwestern University; Associate Professor, Iowa State University
Kari Ottlinger
Christine Zwane, Ph.D., University of North Carolina-Greensboro

Degrees Awarded in 1995

Heather Bouchey, Ph.D., University of Denver; Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Michigan; Associate Professor, University of Vermont
Gary Daytner, Ph.D. Indiana University; Faculty Member, Western Illinois University
Katrina (Gillingham) Daytner, Ph.D., Indiana University; Postdoctoral Fellow, Ball State University; Faculty Member, Western Illinois University
Christine Sartoris
Robert Taylor

Degrees Awarded in 1994

Colleen Colby
Melissa Dolan, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University; Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Maryland; Survey Director- Health Services, RTI International
Sharyn (Kurowski) Gross
Jennifer Marchand, Ph.D., The Ohio State University; Associate Professor, Pennsylvania State-Mont Alto
Dawn Ramsburg, Ph.D., University of Illinois; UIUC – College of Ag, Consumer Env, Science; SRCD Executive Branch Policy Fellow, Child Care Program Specialist, Child Care Bureau
Kristina Risley , Ph.D., University of Alabama-Birmingham; Visiting Professor, Purdue University; Research Associate, American Academy of Pediatrics; Senior Research Associate, University of Illinois at Chicago; Professional Certified Co-Active Coach, Kris Risley Leadership and Life Coaching
Jane Wirtz

Degree Awarded in 1993

Sarah (Tuttle) Sphul, Testing Assistant, St. Louis Children’s Hospital

Degree Awarded in 1992

Jean Muransky, Ph.D. The Ohio State University; Education Specialist, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Supervisor of Education, Federal Correctional Institution (Elkton, OH)

Degrees Awarded in 1991

Laura (Raska)Vanden Avond, Ph.D., Loyola University; Faculty Member, Michigan Tech University; Faculty Member, UW-Green Bay; Project Manager Survey Center, St. Norbert College; Senior Research Analyst, Matousek & Associates
Steven Vanden Avond, Ph.D., Loyola University; Assistant Professor, Michigan Tech University; Associate Dean, Silver Lake College
Beth Van Houtte

Degrees Awarded in 1990

David Bowman
Steven Field, Child/Family Outreach Therapist at the Institute for Human Resources; Residential Group Home Therapist at The Children’s Foundation; Child/Adolescent Outreach Therapist at the McLean Co. Center for Human Services
Christina (Mitchell) Mikitka
Gregory Speck, Case Manager, Office of State Guardian; Instructor, Illinois Central College, East Peoria, IL

Degree Awarded in 1989

Alfredo Tinajero

Degrees Awarded in 1988

Jennifer (Bivens) Oliver, Ph.D., Clark University; Faculty Member, Rockhurst University
Janet Kuebli, Ph.D., Emory University; Faculty Member, Saint Louis University
Carla (Weaver) Fanning, Unit Coordinator-Child Psychiatric, Park Central Hospital; Case Manager, Ozark Center; Child and Adolescent Program Director at Lakeland Regional Psychiatric Hospital; Adjunct Faculty, Southwest Baptist University; Adjunct Faculty, Grayson County College; Director of Marketing, Regional Hospital of Texoma

Degrees Awarded in 1987

Rita Koehl
Joan (Ernst) Drosdoski