Department of Psychology at Illinois State University


Excellent research facilities are available for students and faculty associated with Developmental Psychology.

We have laboratory space/observation rooms in the lower level of DeGarmo Hall that are equipped with computers, audio-video recording equipment, and other hardware and software that can used to facilitate data collection, coding, and entry.

imageFor example, our couple interaction laboratory is equipped with one-way mirrors, and contains audio-video equipment that allows for unobtrusive observations. We also have coding laboratories that contain modern videocassette and transcription equipment, as well as coding and training manuals for a number of observational coding systems. A number of laboratories have digital recording equipment.

Additional laboratory space/observation rooms are available in nearby Fairchild Hall. This space, which is also equipped with new audio-video equipment, is used primarily to observe and evaluate infants, children, and families for a number of ongoing studies.

Faculty and students have access to our two laboratory schools: Thomas Metcalf Elementary School and University High School (both on campus and quick walks from DeGarmo Hall). Because Metcalf and University High are laboratory schools affiliated with Illinois State University, faculty and students in our sequence have the opportunity to collect data without the added concerns associated with gaining approval from an outside school board.

Researchers can collect data in these facilities using a variety of methods (e.g., direct observation of students in classrooms; individual assessment), and both laboratory schools contain individual testing rooms.

imageThere are many other facilities in the department, and on campus, available to meet the research and teaching needs of our students and faculty. For example, a number of our classrooms are "smart classrooms". These classrooms contain computer technology (both IBM-compatible and Apple hardware), Internet connections, and modern audio-visual equipment. Likewise, our various departmental laboratories and our Psychology Resource Center (PRC) , contain computers with excellent statistical, word processing, e-mail, and Internet connection software (DeGarmo 17). The PRC contains an excellent array of standardized tests for infants, children, and adults that can be checked out for use by our students and faculty. In addition, the staff of the PRC can help students and faculty to schedule classrooms for mass testing research.

Finally, Milner Library has an outstanding collection of psychology journals, books, and textbooks, as well as access to on-line databases and journals to ease research efforts.