Department of Psychology at Illinois State University


Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

The faculty and staff of the Department of Psychology have an impact on the educational experience of the students in the department.

Faculty List

A comprehensive list of Department of Psychology faculty who teach, conduct research, and participate in University and professional service. Retired faculty who continue to teach course or conduct research for the department are also identified.

2015 Fall Faculty Office Hours

Faculty Joint Appointments

Faculty members from other departments who have certain academic or research privileges in the Department of Psychology, such as the ability to supervise student research.

Administrative Professional and Staff List

Administrative Professionals and Civil Service staff provide academic advisement and manage departmental offices, finances, and support services.

Faculty Resources

Faculty and department resources are now available onSharePoint.

Department Resources

The College of Arts and Sciences Instructional Technology Team (CAS-IT) will assist the department with its office and lab computers, research equipment, etc. Learn more about CAS-IT.