Department of Psychology at Illinois State University


Administrative Professionals and Staff

Administrative Professionals

Brenda Huber, Ph.D.

Director - Psychological Services Center

Illinois School Psychology Internship Consortium

Office: 408A Fairchild Hall

Phone: 309-438-7407

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Karen I. Mark, Ph.D.

Coordinator, Clinical-Counseling Psychology Program
Internship Coordinator
Office: 423 DeGarmo Hall
Phone: (309) 438-8130
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Razelyn ("Raz") L. Steward

Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Office: 421 DeGarmo Hall
Phone: (309) 438-5293
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Suzanne Ferrara

Office Manager, Graduate Programs Office
Office: 448 DeGarmo Hall
Phone: (309) 438-8701
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Patricia A. Foltz

Administrative Clerk
Office: 435A DeGarmo Hall
Phone: (309) 438-8654
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Amanda ("Mandy") L. Webster

Web Specialist I/Media Manager
Office: 435 DeGarmo Hall
Phone: (309) 438-8687
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Kelly M. Woith

Office Manager, Psychological Services Center
Office: 408 Fairchild Hall
Phone: (309) 438-5629
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