Department of Psychology at Illinois State University

Dual Sequences

Students admitted into a master's sequence (Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences, Developmental Psychology, Industrial/Organizational-Social Psychology, or Quantitative Psychology) may complete the coursework for a second (“dual”) sequence.

Application Process

Students should complete the Application for Dual Sequences. The application is an interactive Microsoft Word document that should be completed on the computer. Students should print the completed application, sign and date the form, and then submit the signed application to their sequence coordinator.

Approval Process

If appropriate, the sequence coordinator may write a letter of support for the application. The sequence coordinator should submit the application and letter of support, if applicable to the coordinator of the second sequence. The faculty members of the second sequence will review the application and determine if the sequence is appropriate based on the student's goals, qualifications, and the second sequence's resources (e.g., space limitation, faculty availability, etc.).

The coordinator of the second sequence has the authority to approve or deny the application for dual sequences. The coordinator of the second sequence will complete the lower portion of the application, and will submit the application to the Graduate Programs Office for processing.

Application Deadline

The Application for Dual Sequences, which has been approved and signed by the coordinator of the first sequence, must be submitted to the coordinator of the second sequence by November 1.

Recording the Dual Sequences

If dual sequences are approved, students must complete the University's application process in order to be admitted to the second sequence. The Graduate Programs Office will contact the student with application instructions. Students should notify the Graduate Programs Office when they have completed the application. When the department has approved the application for the second sequence, students will be notified by the Graduate Programs Office when final admission to the dual sequences has been completed.