Department of Psychology at Illinois State University

Quantitative Professional Seminar

Schedule of Topics
for Fall, 2015

Tuesdays 3:30- 4:20 in DeGarmo Hall 48


Remember to complete speaker evaluation surveys on ReggieNet in a timely fashion. Feedback is due the following Tuesday at 3:30pm!

Articles and PowerPoint slides from previous semesters must now be accessed through ReggieNet. All future readings will also be distributed via ReggieNet. When an article is listed after a speaker, make sure you download the article from ReggieNet and read it prior to the presentation.

Students should note, however, that articles are typically included in the Spring semester when first-year students are presenting an article and leading discussion on that article and that articles are not typically included in the Fall semester when second-year students are presenting their thesis.

Student grades will be determined through the quantity and quality of participation and timeliness of feedback provided on ReggieNet for each topic and speaker.

August 18

W. Joel Schneider
Meet & Greet

September 1

CJ Zobell
Thesis Update

Setpember 15

Zack Roman
Thesis Update

September 29

Zachary Richardson
Thesis Update

October 13

Melissa Matheys
Thesis Update

October 27

Hannah Jones
Thesis Update

November 10

Adam Hampton
Thesis Update

December 1


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