Department of Psychology at Illinois State University

Quantitative Professional Seminar

Schedule of Topics
for Spring, 2014

Tuesdays 3:30- 4:20 in DeGarmo Hall 48


Remember to complete speaker evaluation surveys on ReggieNet in a timely fashion.

One or more presentation dates for our first-year students may be shifted later depending on the scheduling of job candidates.

Articles and PowerPoint slides from previous semesters must now be accessed through ReggieNet. All future readings will also be distributed via ReggieNet. When an article is listed after a speaker, make sure you download the article from ReggieNet and read it prior to the presentation.

All students must submit one or two thought-provoking questions for each article presentation. The article being discussed must be read in advance, and your questions should be WORD-PROCESSED, printed, and brought to class. Students are expected to ask their questions during or after the presentation, unless they think of (even) better questions during the presentation.

Student grades will be determined through the quantity and quality of participation, the question submissions, and feedback provided on ReggieNet for each topic and speaker.

January 14

W. Joel Schneider, PhD
Mysteries of the Universe

January 28

Snow Day
University Closed

February 11

David Wolfe
Kuncel & Borneman (2007)

February 25

Ellen Klieme
Cheung & Chan (2005)

March 11

Spring Break

March 25

Kamila Gabka
Schere, et al (2013)

April 8

Rebecca Oglesby
Gerber & Wheeler (2009)

April 22

Ryan Tuggle
Williamson, et al (2010)

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