Department of Psychology at Illinois State University


Students who earn this degree will be well prepared to enter careers as consultants in business and industry, data analysts in research centers, or teachers in community colleges. Moreover, the completion of this program will provide an excellent graduate-level foundation in research method, design, and statistics to help prepare students to pursue a doctoral degree in the social sciences. In the years since the inception of the Quantitative Psychology graduate sequence, many students have completed their degrees, gone on to doctoral study, and moved into rewarding academic and applied careers including:

  • Academic positions (e.g., positions in quantitative psychology, cognitive psychology, human factors, or industrial/organizational psychology).
  • Research positions in government agencies or in the private sector (e.g., Educational testing agency, Research Triangle Institute, Bell Laboratories, Food and Drug Administration, NASA, etc.)

While at Illinois State, students work with faculty on research, generate their own projects, and frequently present their work at national, international, state, and regional conferences. Our students also publish their original works in academic journals. Illinois State University also supports the professional activities of our students through its annual Graduate Research Symposium. To support the applied goals of our students, professional apprenticeships in a variety of community agencies, as well as apprenticeships in college teaching, are available.

By following the link below you will learn about the students currently enrolled in the sequence. You will also learn about the graduates of our program — their professional activities, projects, further degrees, and careers.

Recent Alumni and Current students

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