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Tools and Links for Researchers

Researchers using computers provided by the Department of Psychology must back up all files and data to an external drive. Do not use department computers to store any files or data. Computers made available by the department are periodically purged of all external information, excluding program software. The department is not liable for any lost files or data.

Research with Human Participants

Student Research Participant Pool

  • SONA Instructional videos:
    • Introduction to SONA for Researchers* (logging on, changing your contact info & password, general site layout)
    • Adding studies (posting studies, setting & modifying study)
    • Adding Timeslots (posting day/time slots within studies, timeslot usage, contacting participants, changing locations)
    • Granting Credit(granting credit for participation, modifying credit status, indicating no shows, canceling timeslots, signing up participants manually) (link to video tutorial)

*Note: Faculty will have PI accounts, graduate and undergraduates will have Researcher accounts. The instructional videos are applicable for both types of accounts. Faculty PI accounts are permanent, while Researcher accounts will be set up each semester. So Faculty must e-mail the SONA administrator (Dr. Wesselmann: the list of graduate and undergraduate researchers at the beginning of each semester so that their researcher accounts are created.

**Click on the link to download either version of the form to the computer's desktop. Adobe® Acrobat® is needed to access PDF files. If a PDF file will not download to the computer's desktop, click on Adobe Reader to download a free copy of the software.

Graduate Student Research

Child and Family Research Participant Pool

Research with Animals

Other Useful Links

Research Compliance at Illinois State University

Requesting Continuance/Modification of Research Protocol

Psi Chi Awards and Grants
A list of awards and grants available to undergraduate and graduate students, chapters, and faculty advisers through Psi Chi, The National Honor Society in Psychology

University Assessment Services

Illinois State's Mass E-mail Policy

Online research, management, and collaboration tool