Department of Psychology at Illinois State University


Internship Seminar in College Teaching of Psychology

PSY 491 Internship Seminar in College Teaching of Psychology provides School Psychology trainees an opportunity to "student teach" a psychology course. Trainee should observe the faculty supervisor teaching on a weekly basis. As the course progresses, trainees should take more responsibility for the specific course, e.g., presenting their own lectures and classroom activities, and developing assessment measures such as quizzes and exams. Trainees must also complete a final project, e.g., developing a teaching philosophy, teaching portfolio, SoTL grant project, etc.

Trainees can earn a total of 6 credit hours for PSY 491, but are limited to a maximum of 3 hours per psychology course. For example, trainees may complete two separate internships with different faculty supervisors, or may complete a maximum of 6 hours with the same faculty supervisor but for different psychology courses (e.g., PSY 215 and PSY 302).

Note: The PSY 491 internship is not connected to graduate assistantships. Trainees are encouraged to solicit faculty supervisors for the PSY 491 internship who are not their graduate assistantship supervisor. However, PSY 491 may be used in conjunction with a graduate assistantship only under specific circumstances. If the psychology course instructor is also the faculty supervisor for the trainee's graduate assistantship, the trainee's teaching responsibilities identified in the Internship Contract must be in addition to or different from the trainee's regular graduate assistantship duties (e.g., trainee must be responsible for teaching and evaluating a portion of the psychology course).

Trainees must complete the Internship Seminar in College Teaching of Psychology Contract. The contract is an interactive Microsoft Word document. The contract should be completed on the computer. Handwritten contracts will not be accepted. Trainees should complete the top portion of the contract and save it as a Word document. The saved contract should be submitted as an e-mail attachment to the psychology course instructor. The instructor, who is the faculty supervisor for PSY 491, should complete the teaching responsibilities and grading criteria portion of the contract. Then, the contract should be printed and signed by both parties. The signed contract should be submitted to the School Psychology program coordinator for approval. The program coordinator should submit the signed contract to the Graduate Programs Office for departmental approval. Trainees cannot register for PSY 491 until the contract has been approved by the department. Trainees will be notified when they can register for PSY 491. If the contract is approved after the first week of the semester, trainees must register in Moulton 107.