Faculty & Staff

Joe Hilgard

Assistant Professor
  • Raised in Alton, IL. Flunked out of math at Dartmouth College and went on to a double major in Neuroscience and Russian Literature. University of Missouri PhD in Social Psychology with a minor in statistics. Delighted to be here.
  • PSY 499.Sec 015 Independent Research For The Master's Thesis
  • PSY 111.Sec 001 Introduction To Psychology
  • PSY 223.Sec 001 Social Psychology
  • PSY 290.Sec 015 Special Projects:Research Apprenticeship
  • PSY 291.Sec 015 Special Projects:Undergraduate Teaching
  • Introduction to psychology; research methods; statistics; meta-analysis; Bayesian statistics
  • Why are people sometimes so awful to each other? How can we make people nicer and the world safer? What makes video games so fun? Why do different people have different tastes in video games? And why do some people play video games until their hygiene, health, jobs, and relationships suffer? What proportion of research findings are true? Just how effective are the manipulations and measurements used by psychologists? How can we make scientific publication more fair and more truthful? Can statistics help us detect when we're only given part of the data? And is it possible to catch a sophisticated fake?