Faculty & Staff

Jeffrey Kahn

  • PSY 390.Sec 025 Advanced Research Apprenticeship
  • PSY 402.Sec 025 Applied Research Experience In School Psychology
  • PSY 490.Sec 025 Clinical-Counseling Capstone Project
  • PSY 499.Sec 025 Independent Research For The Master's Thesis
  • PSY 350.Sec 002 Psychopathology
  • PSY 443.Sec 001 Regression Analysis
  • PSY 290.Sec 025 Special Projects:Research Apprenticeship
  • PSY 291.Sec 025 Special Projects:Undergraduate Teaching
  • Clinical-counseling psychology
    Quantitative research methods
  • Emotional expression and well-being
    Scientific training in professional psychology
    Applied quantitative methods
  • Ph D Counseling Psychology - 1997
  • Iowa State University
  • Ames, Iowa
  • MS Psychology - 1994
  • Iowa State University
  • Ames, Iowa
  • BS Psychology - 1992
  • University of Maryland
  • College Park, Maryland
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  • Hogue, J. D., Crimmins, A. M., & Kahn, J. H. (2016). “So sad and slow, so why can't I turn off the radio”: The effects of gender, depression, and absorption on liking music that induces sadness and music that induces happiness. Psychology of Music, 44, 816-829. doi:10.1177/0305735615594489

  • Ryan, M. B., & Kahn, J. H. (2015). Talking about daily emotional events: Psychological well-being moderates the intensity-disclosure link. Personality and Individual Differences, 83, 223-227. doi:10.1016/j.paid.2015.04.027

  • Reese-Weber, M., Kahn, J. H., & Nemecek, R. (in press). Topics of conflict in emerging adults’ romantic relationships. Emerging Adulthood.

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  • Han, S., & Kahn, J. (August, 2017). Daily mood, psychological needs frustration, and low felt energy as predictors of disordered eating. Poster presented at the 125th Annual Convention of American Psychological Association, Washington DC.