Faculty & Staff

Dr. Marla Reese-Weber

Associate Dean for Personnel, Budget and Planning
Professor of Psychology
  • PSY 390.Sec 036 Advanced Research Apprenticeship
  • PSY 402.Sec 036 Applied Research Experience In School Psychology
  • PSY 499.Sec 036 Independent Research For The Master's Thesis
  • PSY 287.Sec 036 Independent Study
  • PSY 400.Sec 036 Independent Study
  • PSY 290.Sec 036 Special Projects:Research Apprenticeship
  • PSY 291.Sec 036 Special Projects:Undergraduate Teaching
  • Sibling and dating violence; Child sexual abuse/sexual assault; Romantic relationships; Adolescent development; Family processes
  • Ph D Human Development & Family Science - 1998
  • The Ohio State University
  • MS Clinical Psychology - 1995
  • Illinois State University
  • BS Psychology - 1992
  • Illinois State University
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