Dr. William Schneider

  • PSY 590.02Sec 038 Advanced Practicum Assessment
  • PSY 390.Sec 038 Advanced Research Apprenticeship
  • PSY 402.Sec 038 Applied Research Experience In School Psychology
  • PSY 499.Sec 038 Independent Research For The Masters Thesis
  • PSY 400.Sec 038 Independent Study
  • PSY 290.Sec 038 Special Projects:Research Apprenticeship
  • PSY 291.Sec 038 Special Projects:Undergraduate Teaching
  • Psychological Assessment
    Psychotherapy and Counseling
  • I am most passionate about studying questions about the validity of psychological assessment. When a person produces an unusual score on an IQ test, a memory test, an attention test, a personality test, or a mental health measure, how confident can we be that this unusual score is important? What are the practical implications of this score? To what degree does the same score mean the same thing for different kinds of people? Can we invent new tests that improve upon existing ones? How can clinicians to a better job of integrating large amounts of assessment data into a valid, coherent, and helpful conceptualization of a person and the person's struggle to meet life's demands.
  • Ph D Clinical Psychology - 2003
  • Texas A&M University
  • College Station, TX
  • MS Clinical Psychology - 1999
  • Texas A&M University
  • College Station, TX
  • BS Psychology - 1994
  • University of California
  • Berkeley
  • Schneider, W. J. (2015, July). I didn't know the WJ IV could do that! Answering practical assessment questions you didn't know you could ask. Invited lecture at the School Neuropsychology Summer Institute, Grapevine, TX.

  • Schneider, W. J. (2014, October 17). Life and death psychometrics: IQ and capital punishment. Invited lecture at the Illinois State University Psychology Brown Bag Series, Normal, IL.

  • Schneider, W. J. (2013, July). Advances in CHC Theory and its application to individuals Invited lecture at the School Neuropsychology Summer Institute, Grapevine, TX.