Department of Psychology at Illinois State University


Undergraduate Timetable

The following table provides a suggested time line for completing certain activities related to gaining acceptance to a graduate program. If you decide during your junior or senior year to apply to graduate school, it is not too late, but you may have to work hard to complete everything that you need to do in order to improve your chances of being accepted into a graduate program.

Sophomore Year

  • Consider which areas of psychology are most interesting by taking courses in a variety of topic areas
  • Take PSY 138 and 231 to to understand research methods and statistics
  • Identify faculty with research that interests you and contact them about assisting on research projects

Junior Year

  • Research graduate programs and identify several potential schools you might want to attend
  • Start working on your curriculum vitae and personal statement
  • Consider who to ask for letters of recommendation
  • Take the GRE near the end of your junior year
  • Research graduate schools Web sites for application materials

Senior Year

  • Ask faculty to write letters of recommendation for you
  • Re-take the GRE, if needed
  • Submit graduate school applications by their deadlines