Department of Psychology at Illinois State University


Requirements for the Minor in Psychology

An academic minor can serve two purposes: it can support a major or provide a level of competency in an area of interest. A minor enhances the range of knowledge relevant to students' major and career goals. For example, an elementary education major might want a minor in psychology that would demonstrate knowledge of academic work related to understanding and managing children. A business major might want a minor in psychology that would strengthen the student's competitive edge for a job in human resources. A student majoring in chemistry and planning a future in laboratory research, however, might want a psychology minor based on their personal interests.

Admission to the Minor in Psychology requires a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher and at least 12 hours completed at Illinois State. Students should give careful thought to their reason for wanting a Minor in Psychology and should review the requirements for their specific Undergraduate Catalog year.

Before completing an application, students should also review Frequently Asked Questions about the Minor in Psychology.

Application Process

Students should complete the University's online application process on My Illinois State. Login and click on the Academics tab. Scroll down to Apply to major/minor. On the Apply to major/minor website, select Psychology in the Submit a New Application box. Follow the directions for completing the Minor application. If help is needed, click on the HELP box in the upper right corner for instructions (PDF) that will download to the computer.

Applications for the Minor in Psychology are accepted and processed only during September, February, and May through July. Students completing their admission requirements for the Minor during the semester they apply can mark their applications as "hold for semester grades." The Hold applications will be reviewed and processed after grades are posted for the semester.

Applicants are notified of their application status through their Illinois State e-mail account. The University Registrar will keep a record of the courses students have taken toward the Minor. This record will automatically update when students have completed each of the three required courses for the Minor. However, students' academic record will not identify the four elective courses that must be completed for the Minor. Students should contact Ms. Raz Steward by e-mail and ask to have their elective courses added to their academic record.

Meeting with an Advisor

The Department of Psychology expects students to be fully aware of the undergraduate degree requirements and of their progress toward obtaining a Minor in Psychology. Students who want to consult with an advisor about course choices, should prepare a plan of study and have specific questions about career goals. Psychology advisors will not pick semester courses for students.

Dropping the Minor in Psychology

To drop the Minor in Psychology, students should contact Ms. Raz Steward by e-mail. Students should indicate "Dropping Minor" in the subject line of the e-mail.