Department of Psychology at Illinois State University


Community of Latin American Students in Psychology (CLASP)

It shall be the purpose of the organization, Community of Latin American Students in Psychology, to provide Latino/a students and anyone else interested in supporting the Latino/a comunity, who are studying psychology or interested in learning about psychology at Illinois State University, with the opportunity to meet one another and establish a community of support that meets the particular needs of these students. We aim to provide Latino/a psychology students, and those who support Latino/as, with a friendly environment to network, discuss academic issues and goals, discuss issues of diversity in psychology, organize and participate in community service events and raise cultural awareness in our department and on campus. Membership is open to students, faculty and staff at Illinois State University who self-identify as Latino/a and/or are committed to supporting the Latino community.

Meetings for Fall 2012

General Meetings
404 DeGarmo Hall at 7:00 p.m.


President: Yesenia Estela
Vice President: Laura Acevedo
Secretary: Melanie Miranda
Treasurer: Freddy Arreola
Community Relations Chair: Verenice D'Santiago
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rocio Rivadeneyra