Department of Psychology at Illinois State University


Psychology Course Override

The Department of Psychology is not accepting course override requests at this time.

Override requests are available online through MyIllinoisState.

1. Log in to MyIllinoisState

2. Click the Academics tab.

3. Under "Course Manager, select "Course Permit Request (Override)."


Approval of a psychology course override is not guaranteed; students should register for an alternate course in case their override request is not approved. Priority for approving an override is based on semester credit hours closest to graduation and other considerations. All override decisions for closed psychology courses are made after Advance Registration ends. Students will be notified by e-mail if their request has been approved. It is the student's responsibility to use an approved override to register for the psychology course as soon as possible. If an override is approved, students should drop their alternate course and register for the psychology course. An approved override may expire if the student fails to register for the psychology course in a timely manner.

Registering for a Psychology course after the first week of classes

1. Students will not be permitted to add a psychology course if they have missed more than one week of the class.

2. The Department of Psychology does not give overrides to add a course after the first week of the semester.

Courses Not Available for an Override

Override requests will not be accepted for the following courses:

  • PSY 100-level courses
  • PSY 213 Lifespan Development
  • PSY 215 Educational Psychology
  • PSY 223 Social Psychology
  • PSY 230 Business and Industrial Psychology
  • PSY 233 Psychology of Personality
  • PSY 302 Adolescent Development

Prerequisite Course Override

If a psychology course is not closed but students cannot register for the course, and students have completed the prerequisite course and a grade has been recorded,contact Ms. Raz Steward by e-mailfor a prerequisite course override. Indicate in the e-mail subject line that the request is for a "prerequisite override." Do not submit the PSY override request form.

Closed PSY Course Override

  • Students should try to register for the psychology course before completing an override request.
  • Prerequisite courses must be satisfied for the psychology course; check the appropriateUndergraduate Catalogfor prerequisite courses.
  • If unable to register for a psychology course because it is identified as closed, students should complete an override request. Students will be required to enter their ULID and password to complete the override request.
  • Psychology course overrides can be submitted only during Advance Registration.

Other University Courses

Contact the specific department or school to inquiry about a course override.