Department of Psychology at Illinois State University

Program Changes

Admission to Major in Psychology

A minimum grade point average of 2.5 is required for admission to the Major in Psychology for current Illinois State students. Admission is competitive.

Additional Elective Credit Required

Students who have been admitted to the Major in Psychology and have taken PSY 110 Fundamentals of Psychology or an equivalent course are required to complete one additional hour of elective psychology courses. This additional hour is due to the increase from three to four hours for PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology.

Course Registration Blocks

PSY 200 Careers in Psychology: If more than 40 credit hours have been earned at the time of registration, students must request an override in order to enroll in PSY 200. Students should contact Ms. Raz Steward by e-mail prior to their registration date for the override before registering for PSY 200.

PSY 331 Laboratory in Research Methods: Due to the demand for PSY 331, students must have earned 75 credit hours at the time of registration before enrolling in any section of PSY 331.

PSY 215 for Teacher Education Majors

Enrollment in PSY 215 Educational Psychology is limited to only Education majors.

Course Title Changes

PSY 327 is now called Cultural Psychology (formerly Topics in Diversity).

PSY 351 is now called Introduction to Clinical Counseling (formerly Clinical Applications).
(Effective May, 2012)

Limit on Out-of-Class Experiences

Psychology majors may not register for more than 17 hours of any combination of the following courses: PSY 287, 290, 291, 299, 390, 391, 398, and IDS 395.03. PSY 290 and 291 are limited to only nine hours.
Effective January, 2013)

Teaching Certification

Students seeking certification to teach psychology should contact Ms. Raz Steward by e-mail for further information.