Department of Psychology at Illinois State University




Students should verify their specific date and time for Advance Registration onMy Illinois Stateand register on the assigned date for a wider selection of open courses.

Students who have completed less than 24 credit hours should contact University College for advisement. Students who have completed 24 or more credit hours are not required to meet with an academic advisor in order to register. Students should be able to plan their semester courses by consulting the information on the department's Undergraduate websites and the Undergraduate Catalog. However, if advisement is needed, students should schedule an appointment with the Psychology advisor before Advance Registration.

To find your specific registration dates and times, log in to your account on theMy Illinois Statewebsite using your current ULID and Password. (Please do not create a new account.)

  • On the My Illinois State homepage, select the Student Service Center tab (top-left).
  • In the Enrollment Dates section (right-side), click on Enrollment Appointment to view your registration date and time.

You will be able to register and make changes to your fall schedule any time after your specific enrollment appointment.
Note: Your Enrollment Appointment is the date and time in which the registration system opens for you and is not an appointment date and time with your advisor.

Current psychology students should also complete the following steps:
1. Click onMy Illinois Stateand log in. Then click on student center.  Under the Academics tab, in the scroll down menu - other acadmics.  Click Academic Requirements, then view your academic advisement report (AAR). AAR has replaced Progress Towards My Degree.
2. Review the University's graduation requirements identified in the appropriate Undergraduate Catalog based on the year you were admitted to Illinois State.
3. Review the following department websites for required and suggested courses: Requirements for the Major in Psychology and Model Course Schedules, or Requirements for the Minor in Psychology.
4. Register for courses on the assigned date and time during Advance Registration. Courses fill up quickly, so complete registration as early as possible.
5. If a psychology course is closed, review the PSY Course Override website and follow the instructions. If courses in other departments or schools are closed, contact the specific department or school.

NOTE: The department will not give an override to add a psychology course after the first week of the semester.