Make-Up Exams

There is a small work space, in the PRC, where students can complete make-up exams for the psychology courses during the PRC's operating hours. Space in the PRC is limited. Therefore, seats for completing make-up exams will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. If there is no space available, students will be asked to return at a later time, or on another day. We do not guarantee an environment that is quiet and without distractions.

Procedures for Students

Students must show a picture ID before working on an exam in the PRC. Make-up exams cannot be removed from the PRC.

Procedures for Faculty

Make-up exams should be delivered to the PRC. Each exam requires the PRC form that identifies who will be taking the exam and any special instructions (e.g., time limit, open notes allowed, etc.). When the student has completed the exam, it will be stored in the PRC and should be picked up by the instructor or graduate assistant.