Reserved Material

Psychology instructors may place readings or other course material (reserved material) in the PRC for students to review. Instructors may set limits on who may review or check out reserved material and for how long.

Procedures for Students

Students may review reserved materials in the PRC during operating hours. Students must leave a picture ID in the PRC if they remove any reserved materials. Failure to return reserved materials promptly inconveniences other students and may result in limiting or restricting borrowing privileges.

Procedures for Faculty

Psychology faculty should bring their reserve material to the PRC and clearly identify how the reserved material should be handled. For example, should the reserved material be reviewed only in the PRC? Can students check out and an entire set of readings from the PRC, or should each reading be checked out separately? How long can reserved material be checked out? Faculty should fill out the PRC form for each item indicating how the reserved material should be handled.

Reserved material is usually available to students for the current semester. At the end of each semester, reserved materials will be returned to the instructor. Students tend to seek out reserve material only when deadlines approach. If it is a large class, it may be prudent to make available multiple copies of the reserved material.

The PRC staff is not responsible for inspecting each item to make sure that it was returned with all the pages intact.