Shared Research Space

To reserve a room, contact the PRC at 438-7229 during Operating Hours.

  • 8C DeGarmo (capacity for 12 with long tables and chairs)
  • 19 DeGarmo  (capacity for 40 with individual desks)
  • 48 DeGarmo  (capacity for 20 with small tables and chairs)

Individual Testing Rooms

  • 8 DeGarmo Suite (10' X 10' rooms: 8A, 8B, 8E, and 8F are equipped with a PC or Macintosh computer and a desk)
  • 12 DeGarmo Suite  (small individual rooms with a PC or Macintosh computer)


Rooms may be reserved up to two weeks in advance. To make a reservation, contact the PRC at 438-7229. Identify the room you are interested in or the type of space you need, the date, and time of expected use. You may need a key to unlock the door of the room you have reserved.

PRC Operating Hours

Do not use the department's computers in this classroom to store any files or data. Back up all information to an external drive. Department computers are periodically purged of all external information. The department is not liable for any lost files or data.