Course Finder

See ISU Course Finder to look up any course offered by the University.

See to access the Student Service Center; log in with your ULID and password to access information.

Course Syllabi

See the College of Arts and Sciences Syllabi Database to find a syllabus.

Course Catalog

University Catalog provides access to the online Graduate Catalog, including archived versions. To look at the entire Graduate Catalog, click on the link for the catalog’s academic year. Graduate programs are also listed with separate links for specific departments or schools.

Course Override

Psychology graduate students should contact the course instructor or their graduate coordinator for approval to enroll in a psychology course. If aproval is granted, students should forward the email to the department’s Graduate Programs Office at and request an override for the course. An override is required each semester from the Graduate Programs Office if students want to enroll in PSY 490 (clinical-counseling capstone project), PSY 499 (Master’s Thesis), or PSY 599 (Dissertation).

Non-psychology graduate students should go to Log in and click on Academics; scroll down to Course Permit (Override) Request and click on the link. Complete the online form and submit it. The online form is sent to the Graduate Programs Office in the Department of Psychology.