SPSS: Descriptive Statistics

SPSS descriptive statistics are designed to give you information about the distributions of your variables. SPSS allows you to complete a number of statistical procedures including: measures of central tendency, measures of variability around the mean, measures of deviation from normality, and information concerning the spread of the distribution.

For the following instructions:

  • After opening the file you desire to use, * Analyze, Descriptive Statistics, *Descriptives. See here.

  • Select the variables for which you wish to compute descriptives by clicking the desired variable name in the box to the left and then pasting it into the Variables box to the right by clicking the right arrow in the middle of the screen. See here.

  • If you want to calculate more than four statistics, after selecting the desired variables (and before *OK), *Options. To select the desired descriptive statistics, * on the box next to the procedure you wish to have completed. Under Descriptives: Options, you can choose a number of statistics. By clicking on the box next to the option, SPSS can perform many different functions. See here.

  • After completing the desired descriptives, *Continue, *OK. The results of the just-completed analysis will be included in the top window, labeled Output - SPSS Output Navigator.