Current Group

Time: Thursday Evenings (6-7:45 p.m.)
Dates: To be announced
Cost: $10 per session
Contact: (309) 438-5629

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) emphasizes a mindful approach to living so that ordinary moments are enjoyed to their fullest and hard times are managed with dignity and self-respect. This group is a supplement to and not a replacement for individual counseling and psychotherapy services. An active release of information to communicate with a primary counselor is also a requirement for participation.

Sessions are highly interactive, with a strong emphasis on developing practical skills. Group members set weekly goals to practice their new skills, sharing their progress with the group in a supportive environment. Group size is usually 6–10 participants. There are 12 weekly sessions, each lasting 90 minutes.

The group is open to all adults who are currently in treatment with an individual counselor. Each session is led by a group of thoughtful and enthusiastic graduate student clinicians. A clinical-counseling psychology faculty member attends and participates in each session as the faculty supervisor.

Sessions: Topics Covered and Goals

Mindfulness — Improve each moment by managing one’s thoughts
Values — Make current behavior consistent with core personal values
Interpersonal Effectiveness — Negotiate conflicts without hurting others or losing self-respect
Emotion Regulation — Learn from emotions without being dominated by tem
Distress Tolerance — Find emotional relief in times of crisis