SONA Study Rules for Investigators

Questions? Contact the faculty investigator or the department's IRB Representative, Dr. Jeffrey Kahn, at

Information for Student Participants

IRB Approval

Only studies approved by the Illinois State's Institutional Review Board (IRB) may be posted on the SONA sign-up system.

Identifying the Study

Studies should be labeled with a security code. Use a common English word that conveys nothing about the nature of the study.

Before Listing your Study

Send a copy of the IRB memo approving the study to the SONA administrator, Dr. Laura Finan, at

Time Requirements

  • Identify the study's time requirements using the options on the SONA Study Description Page
  • Participation can be documented in half hour increments
  • Participation credit must match participation time, i.e., no "extra credit" is permitted

Investigator Absences

  • Investigators must cancel an appointment with a volunteer at least 24 hours in advance
  • Volunteers are entitled to full participation credit if given less than 24 hours prior notice of a cancelled appointment
  • Volunteers are entitled to full participation credit if investigators are more than 15 minutes late for scheduled appointments