The Edwin A. Payne Memorial Award was established by Dr. Payne’s mother upon his death in 1975. Dr. Payne was a member of the Illinois State faculty from 1952 to 1971. He was an associate professor of psychology.


  • Must be a full-time student admitted to the Major in Psychology;
  • Must have written an empirical research or expository paper in APA style; and
  • Financial need is a factor for consideration.


Psychology faculty may nominate their students who have written appropriate papers that qualify for this award. Nominations are submitted during the spring semester. Students will be notified by the department of their nomination by April 1. Eligible students must complete the application process in order to be considered for this award.

Application Process

Students should submit the following to the department’s Awards Committee:

  • A completed application;
  • current Academic Progress Summary (APS), which may be downloaded from;
  • The paper for consideration; and
  • A letter of recommendation from the faculty member who made the nomination.

The application is an interactive Microsoft Word document. Click on the link to download the form to the computer’s desktop. The application should be completed on the computer and then submitted electronically to the Awards Committee Chair.


The department’s Awards Committee is responsible for awarding the Laura Berk Undergraduate Writing Award each year if there is an eligible candidate.


The award is typically $500 each year. The amount of the award will be determined by the department’s Awards Committee. If the funds are left unused in the income account, the funds can be carried over for the next year or transferred to the endowment account.


The Laura Berk Undergraduate Writing Award is an endowment fund and the award is to be made in perpetuity. The department chair is responsible for distributing the award funds and for appropriate publicity related to the presentation of the award.

Other Considerations

The Laura Berk Undergraduate Writing Award fund is an “open” fund in the Illinois State University Foundation, which may be increased through additional contributions of cash, and may receive the proceeds from bequests, trusts, life insurance, real estate, and personal property. Additions to the fund shall be subject to the award conditions contained in these guidelines.