Department of Psychology at Illinois State University

Graduate Sequence in Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences

Welcome to the website for the Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences Sequence, Department of Psychology, at Illinois State University.

The Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences sequence is a two-year master's degree program that emphasizes study in basic research content areas (e.g., behavioral neuropsychology, conditioning, perception, learning, memory, psycholinguistics, and cognitive development) and the development of quantitative and methodological skills. Commensurate with faculty expertise, the sequence focuses on three main content areas: behavioral, neuroscience, and cognitive science. The sequence provides a critical foundation for advanced graduate study and can facilitate entry into research-related careers in non-academic settings.  Specific objectives of the sequence include building a solid foundation of basic psychological research, which will help students understand and explain behavior. 

On our website, you will find a wealth of information about the sequence, including faculty, students, facilities, course requirements and contact information so we can answer any additional questions you may have.