Department of Psychology at Illinois State University


Graduate Program in Clinical-Counseling Psychology

The Clinical Counseling Psychology Program provides rigorous training for a master's degree in basic areas of psychology and their application in assessment, counseling, and psychotherapeutic treatment.

Clinical Psychology and Counseling Psychology are two subdisciplines that share much in common. To learn more about Clinical Psychology, see the American Psychological Association's Society of Clinical Psychology website. To learn more about Counseling Psychology, see the APA's Society of Counseling Psychology website. One of the strengths of the Department of Psychology is the presence of faculty who are trained in both Clinical Psychology and Counseling Psychology. This has provided a valuable opportunity for collaboration and cooperation between faculty and students in these closely related subdisciplines of psychology.

The State of Illinois recognizes a license for master's degree-level mental health professionals, the Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC). For more information about the LCPC, see the Illinois Division of Professional Regulation Web site. The department has offered the Clinical-Counseling Psychology Program since 2000. This program combines the best we have to offer from both Clinical and Counseling Psychology while helping our students prepare for LCPC eligibility. 

Several classes of students have graduated and moved into professional practice. Many have entered doctoral programs. As one of four graduate programs offered by the Department of Psychology (along with doctoral and specialist degree programs in School Psychology, and a master's degree program in Psychology), the Clinical-Counseling Psychology Program will continue to offer training in the traditional areas and methods of Clinical and Counseling Psychology.