Department of Psychology at Illinois State University


Diversity Statement

Approved, December 2005

The Department of Psychology at Illinois State University is committed to the support and promotion of diversity on many dimensions. We will fulfill this commitment through our course offerings and content, faculty and student research, practical and applied experiences, and the recruitment and retention of a diverse body of faculty, staff, and students. This commitment includes providing equal opportunities and an educational and work environment for our faculty, staff, and students free from any discrimination and respectful of the differences outlined in Educating ILLINOIS and in Illinois State University's policies. In accordance with the American Psychological Association Commission on Accreditation's Guidelines and Principles (Domain D, 2005), we recognize the importance of cultural and individual differences and diversity in the training of psychologists. By emphasizing the need for a respectful and inclusive environment, we seek to prepare students for community and work settings in which diversity must be embraced; to create opportunities in the department for research and practice that consider issues of diversity; and to help our discipline address the needs of a global community.