Requesting Continuance/Modification

Requesting Continuance or Modification of Research

Requests to continue or modify research approved Illinois State's Institutional Review Board (IRB) should be made in a letter addressed to the IRB Chair. The letter must include the following:

  • Reason for the continuation request and/or the nature of the modification
  • Research Status Report (how is the research going, how near to completion, etc.)
  • Have there been any adverse reactions observed, and, if so, what steps were taken to deal with them

The continuation or modification request should precede the research protocol's expiration date by about 30 days, but a month's leeway is usually allowed. The request may be sent to the IRB Chair, with a copy to the department's IRB Representative, or the researcher can send the request to the department's IRB Representative, who will forward it to the IRB.

If the request is sent to the IRB Chair, he/she may be able to quickly approve the request if there have been no problems, and if the continuation or modification is minor. This step is recommended for a simple continuance or modification request. However, if the IRB Chair determines that the request requires additional review, approval will be delayed by sending the request to the IRB Chair.

If the request is sent to the department's IRB Representative, it will undergo a review in the department before being forwarded to the IRB. This method of notice will save time if the request is for a continuation or modification that requires additional review by the department before it is reviewed by the IRB.