The Department of Psychology encourages its students to enrich their academic pursuits through participation in research. Undergraduate students may pursue their interests through independent study, or as a research assistant in a faculty member's lab. Under Tools and Links, there is important information about research with human and animals participants. Students should review information about the Ethical Guidelines for conducting research and become familiar with the requirements of the University's Institutional Review Board. Graduate students will find information about thesis and dissertation research, use of the department's College Student Research Participant Pool, and Milner Library Psychology Resources. Questions about research conducted by faculty or students in the department should be addressed to the department's Research Committee.

Research Participation Invitations

Occasionally, department faculty or students may contact people for research recruitment or participation. In such cases, the research would have been approved by the University’s Institutional Review Board, and the researcher would clearly identify himself or herself as a faculty member or student in the Department of Psychology at Illinois State.

If you question being contacted by someone requesting your participation in a study that was identified with the Department of Psychology, you are encouraged to contact the Office of Research Ethics and Compliance at (309) 438-2520.

University Research Symposium

The annual University Research Symposium offers Illinois State graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to exhibit their research efforts in front of a large audience in a professional setting. Students conduct research in a faculty member's lab, for Honors courses, or for a Research Apprenticeship. Participation in this event provides valuable research experience to students and makes an excellent addition to any résumé or graduate school application.