Department of Psychology at Illinois State University

Degree Audit

Doctoral and specialist trainees must complete the Graduate School's Degree Audit. The Degree Audit identifies the coursework that has been completed to satisfy the degree and graduation requirements of the Department of Psychology and Illinois State University.

Click on this link to access the Graduate School's Degree Audit website. The department recommends trainees download the WORD version, which is an interactive form that can be periodically updated and saved as a Microsoft Word document. Trainees should consider downloading the form early in their academic career and updating the Degree Audit as courses are completed. Trainees must submit the completed Degree Audit, as an email attachment to Dr. Mark Swerdlik, the School Psychology program coordinator. See the information below for when to complete and submit the Degree Audit. The program coordinator will submit the Degree Audit to the Graduate School for approval.

Master's Degree Audit

Doctoral trainees, who are completing a master's degree, must complete the Master's Degree Audit. Doctoral trainees should complete the Master's Degree Audit at the beginning of the semester in which their master's thesis is defended.

Specialist trainees must complete the Master's Degree audit at the beginning of their final semester before graduation.

Doctoral Degree Audit

The Doctoral Advisory Committee will assist doctoral trainees in the development of their Degree Audit by using the Doctoral Degree Audit Worksheet. Doctoral trainees must have their Degree Audit approved by the Graduate School by the end of the spring semester of their second year in the doctoral program. Without an approved Doctoral Degree Audit, trainees will not be able to register for 500-level psychology courses and are not eligible to take the comprehensive examination. If an approved Degree Audit needs to be amended, the Doctoral Advisory Committee must approve any changes before trainees complete the Graduate School's Change of Degree Audit form.

Important Dates and Deadlines

See the Graduate School's Dates and Deadlines website to ensure adequate time for the Degree Audit review before the established graduation deadline.

Change of Degree Audit

To request a change of an approved Degree Audit, trainees should complete the Graduate School's Change of Degree Audit. Click on this link to access the Graduate School's Degree Audit website and download the appropriate form.

Trainees should complete the Change of Degree Audit form and then print and sign it. Trainees are responsible for obtaining the signature of their faculty adviser. The signed form should be submitted to the program coordinator for department approval. The Change of Degree Audit will be sent to the Graduate School for final approval.