Department of Psychology at Illinois State University


Graduate Association of School Psychology

The Graduate Association of School Psychology (GASP) was established at Illinois State University for school psychology trainees. Each year, GASP members participate in:

  • the School Psychology Visitation Days,
  • the doctoral interview day,
  • the annual Intern and Intern Supervisor Workshop,
  • the ISPA and NASP conventions,
  • the orientation program for new trainees,
  • the development of a New Trainee Welcome Packet that is distributed each summer,
  • organizing social events for trainees,
  • raising School Psychology awareness in the community,
  • supplying amenities for the Psychological Services Center and the graduate student and trainee study room,
  • sponsoring a continuing professional development workshop (as a fund raiser to support trainee travel), and
  • many other activities, as suggested by the GASP members.

GASP trainee contact: Send an e-mail to Leah Marks or Dr. Leandra Parris(faculty advisor)

GASP Officers for 2015-16

President —Leah Marks
Vice President — Kerry Pecho
Treasurer — Brooke Harris
Secretary — Samantha DeHaan
Historian — Cyndy Alvarez
Social Events Coordinator — Kathryn Ferdon
NASP Representative — Allison Curnock
APA Division 16 Representative — Amanda Rohan
ISPA Representative — Allison Satterlee
ISPA Intern Representative — Lindsey Horberg
Second Year Doctoral Representative — Jillian Reiher
Second Year Specialist Representative — Kristine Nichols
Fourth Year Representatives — Emily Morrow and Ashley Leja

Meeting Schedule for FALL 2015

August 27
September 24
October 29
November 19

Upcoming Events

To be announced when scheduled

GASP Constitution