Department of Psychology at Illinois State University

Forms and Manual

The links on this website are forms, agreements, and resources for the specialist program. The department forms are interactive Microsoft Word documents. Click on the specific link to download the form to the computer. The form should be completed on the computer. The spaces on the form for information will expand as needed. The completed form should be printed, signed, and dated. If the form does not download to the computer or it is impossible to complete on the computer, contact the Graduate Programs Office by email.

2013-14 Specialist Policies and Procedures(Revised Feb. 10, 2014)

2013-14 Specialist Forms Manual(August 2013)

Agreements and Contracts:

Independent Study Contract (for PSY 400)

PSY 436.04 Psychoeducational Practicum Contract (sample contract) (due September 1)

PSY 498.05 First Year Fieldwork/Practicum I Agreement: Head Start Placement (sample agreement) (due September 1)

PSY 498.05 First Year Fieldwork/Practicum I Agreement: Public School Placement (sample agreement) (due September 1)

Specialist Internship Agreement (sample agreement) (due September 1)

Other Websites with Forms:

Degree Audit website

Thesis Procedures website

Graduate School Website Information:

Thesis Assistance website

  • Graduate School Dates and Deadlines
  • Guide for Master's and Doctoral Students (2013)
  • Copyright Authority Checklist
  • Proposal form (Proposal Approval Form)
  • Right to Defend
  • Final Deposit Checklist
  • Request for extension of time
  • ProQuest Pages (How to Register)
  • James L. Fisher Outstanding Thesis Competition