Department of Psychology at Illinois State University


Requirements for the Major in Psychology

The Major in Psychology consists of a fixed number of psychology courses plus courses in other disciplines that complement psychology. Students are required to complete 37-41 credit hours of psychology courses for the Major in Psychology, depending on students' Undergraduate Catalog. Additional courses in English prepare students to write reports; courses in Mathematics prepare students for data analysis; and Philosophy and the lab sciences courses enhance students' analytic reasoning skills essential in the field of psychology.

The department has identified 10 objectives for psychology courses to enhance the teaching of psychology. These objectives are identified and explained in the Psychology Course Objectives website. Students should choose courses that focus on an area of interest or enroll in a variety of courses for a broad base in psychology.

The Major in Psychology and graduation requirements depend upon the Undergraduate Catalog that was in effect the year in which students are admitted to Illinois State. The Academic Progress Summary identifies which catalog year students should follow. Click on the appropriate link below to review their specific requirements and for the Major Checklist:

See the General Education Program website for additional University requirements.