The department offices and most of our research laboratories are housed in DeGarmo Hall , located on the west side of the University Quad. Additional research space is located in Felmley Hall of Science Annex . Excellent research facilities are available for students and faculty members.

The department computer classroom , which is located in 13 DeGarmo Hall, includes a central laboratory that provides desktop computers and related equipment. This facility is used for a variety of research-related activities, including data collection and analysis, word processing, and research presentation. The Psychology Resource Center (PRC) in DeGarmo includes computers with statistical word processing software and Internet access. The PRC student staff can provide access to research materials and schedule rooms for research.

Faculty members also have individual laboratories in DeGarmo Hall, which include direct classroom observational rooms or individual testing rooms, designed to support their research projects. Researchers also have access to the University's central computer system and can collect data using a variety of assessment methods.

Research facilities in Felmley include laboratories in the area of behavioral neurosciences. One laboratory is equipped with operant conditioning chambers and open-field observation boxes for the study of drugs and neurological deficits on animal behavior. A second laboratory is equipped with electrophysiological recording instruments to study brain circuitry and the effects of drugs on neuronal activity. One faculty member maintains a canine behavior and cognition laboratory.

There are many other facilities on campus that are available to meet the research and teaching needs of our students and faculty. Smart classrooms contain state-of-the-art computer technology, Internet access, and modern audio-visual equipment. Milner Library has an outstanding collection of psychology journals, books, and textbooks, as well as a sophisticated online system to ease research efforts.