Mission & Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Psychology includes teaching, research, and service. We provide disciplinary knowledge to undergraduates in General Education, Teacher Education and the psychology major and minor. We provide graduate education through our master’s programs in Psychology and Clinical-Counseling Psychology, and our specialist and doctoral programs in School Psychology. Our teaching mission extends to advancing our students in their adult lives and careers, and incorporates the values expressed in Educate Connect Elevate: Illinois State (i.e., pursuit of learning and scholarship, civic engagement, public opportunity, individualized attention, and diversity). Our research occurs both in the laboratory and field settings, and it seeks to advance knowledge and practice. Our research is a collaboration of faculty with graduate and undergraduate students. Our faculty and students provide service to the discipline, to the university, and to the community.

Strategic Plan

The department agreed upon its last strategic plan in 2006 in response to the college’s 2005-10 strategic plan. The new plan is being prepared in response to the college’s 2010-15 strategic plan. In the current plan we adopt the four strategic goals listed in the college plan. We also add an additional goal regarding the department’s social climate, diversity, and sense of community. This latter goal was stated in our previous strategic plan, and represents the department’s commitment to the celebration and support of diverse expertise. Psychology Strategic Plan, 2011