Academic Intervention Consultation Services

Academic Intervention Consultation Services The Academic Intervention Consultation Services (AICS) at the Psychological Services Center (PSC) provides academic assessment and intervention services for students who demonstrate difficulty with basic academic skills such as reading, mathematics, spelling, and writing. AICS also provides consultation services to parents and teachers of students who are struggling academically. Consultations and workshops at schools and for school districts on various topics are also available.

Intervention is based on the unique learning needs of each student. Intervention generally will follow a brief experimental analysis of academic functioning followed by weekly progress monitoring and parent/teacher consultation. Graphs are developed to display student progress and parents are encouraged to take an active role in their student's academic development. All information is kept strictly confidential; however, copies of the assessment and intervention reports can be sent to schools and physicians with written permission from a parent.

Workshop Topics

The standard intervention fee is $400 for an 8-week admission (2 sessions per week), which is well below fees in the private sector for similar services. The consultation/workshop fees are based on the needs of the school or district, but average about $200 per hour. Insurance benefits typically do not apply at psychology graduate student training facilities. For inquiries or to schedule an appointment, contact the PSC by email or call (309) 438-5629.

PSC Clinician

PSC Clinicians: Lillian

This semester I am doing academic assessment and intervention. I go to the school and provide recommendations to the teacher to best meet the child's instructional needs.