College Learning Assessment Service

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The College Learning Assessment Service (CLAS) at the Psychological Services Center (PSC) offers standardized testing primarily for students with a history of learning disabilities and for students who have concerns as to whether they might have learning disabilities. The value of testing is that results often clarify for students exactly what, if any, diagnosable learning disabilities they might have. Plans can then be made to adjust the student's learning techniques and, if indicated, to seek assistance in the learning process.

Priority in testing at the PSC is given to Illinois State University students and prospective students, but other candidates are welcome as time permits. Test results suggest a student's learning status, which may assist a student in making future educational plans. Students, consequently, often benefit from evaluation. Other young adults in need of evaluations and re-evaluations are accommodated, if scheduling permits.

Depending upon test results, students may qualify for educational assistance through their school's office of disability concerns or a comparable office. For example, when a student qualifies for educational assistance by State of Illinois standards, additional time for taking exams and the employment of a reader can be arranged through such an office. All testing is done by graduate student clinicians in School Psychology under the supervision of faculty in the Department of Psychology at Illinois State. Typically, completion of a questionnaire covering developmental history and submission of any past test results are requested and reviewed. Then, two sessions of testing are scheduled with an additional half hour of interpretation after the report is written. All information is kept strictly confidential; however, information about a student may be released by the PSC with the student's written permission.

The standard fee for an assessment is $500. One half of the fee, $250, is due at the first visit and $250 is due prior to receiving the final report. This fee is significantly less than the usual and customary fee for such service in the region. Insurance benefits typically do not apply toward services at psychology graduate student training facilities. Illinois State students can arrange for testing by requesting a referral from the Office of Disability Concerns in Fell Hall 350. All others should contact the PSC by email or call (309) 438-5629.

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This facility (Psychological Services Center) gives us a place to put our knowledge into practice with consistent, reliable faculty supervision. I like having all the most current research-based resources available to me.