Multidisciplinary Psychoeducational Assessment Service

The Multidisciplinary Psychoeducational Assessment Service (MPAS), at the Psychological Services Center (PSC), provides diagnostic psychoeducational assessments for children and adolescents who are exhibiting more than one functional area of concern. For example, a student may have any combination of difficulties in learning, motor, speech, hearing and/or other areas. Performance in one area is often affected by difficulties in another. Therefore, having a comprehensive evaluation can be most helpful in gaining an integrated understanding of how multiple variables may be impacting a student's performance. Treatment plans and goals can then be specially tailored.

The MPAS is a consortium of disciplines that individually assess clients and shares information. Typically, a psychoeducational assessment such as the one described under Child & Adolescent Assessment Service is a part of all comprehensive evaluations. In addition, certain other disciplines such as Special Education, Speech, Audiology, Nursing, and/or Social Work will also conduct specialized evaluations, as indicated according to the combination of concerns a student exhibits.

After all relevant evaluations are completed, a meeting is held where representatives from all the disciplines involved report their findings and make recommendations. Parents, and sometimes the student, if age-appropriate, are also invited to the meeting. After the meeting, a private conference is held with parents, and the student, if age-appropriate, to discuss the results and recommendations of the multidisciplinary assessment and to make plans for working toward realistic goals for the student. All assessment results and interactions are confidential. Information will not be sent to other agencies without the written consent from a parent or legal guardian.

There is a minimum charge of $500 for service, but additional charges could be assessed depending on the specific needs of the client. Insurance benefits typically do not apply at psychology graduate student training facilities. For inquiries or to make a referral, contact the PSC by email or call (309) 438-5629.

PSC Clinicians

With the MPAS, we work with all types of specialists toward one common goal!

I practice administering intelligence tests when the rooms are quiet. It is nice because the more advanced (graduate) students are here to answer questions. The PSC is a great introduction to a professional and collaborative clinic setting.