Degree Audit

Students must complete the Graduate School's Degree Audit , before the start of the final semester prior to graduation, The Degree Audit identifies the coursework completed to satisfy graduation requirements of the Department of Psychology and the University.

Students should complete the form on a computer, save it as a Word document, and submit it as an email attachment to their program or sequence coordinator. The coordinator will review and submit the Degree Audit to the Graduate School for approval. The Graduate School must approve the Degree Audit (i.e., all requirements have been met for graduation). Students and the Graduate Programs Office will receive a copy of the approved Degree Audit by email from the Graduate School.

See the Graduate School's Graduation and Commencement website for the deadline for submitting the Degree Audit to the Graduate School.

Change of Degree Audit

To request a change in an approved Degree Audit, students should complete the Graduate School's Request for Change in Graduate Degree Audit . Students must submit the completed Change of Degree Audit to the program or sequence coordinator as an email attachment. The coordinator will review the change and submit the Change of Degree Audit to the Graduate School for approval.