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The master's degree curriculum focuses on basic research in Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences that provides critical foundation for advanced graduate study and can facilitate entry into research-related careers in non-academic settings. Students are encouraged to conduct their thesis work with Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences faculty members. Students may, however, complete a thesis with a faculty member outside of the sequence as long as the project is scientific in nature (i.e., involves quantitative measures and analyses). The master's degree can be completed in two years with full time enrollment.

Graduate curriculum

The objective of this graduate sequence is to build a solid foundation of basic psychological principles that help students to understand and explain behavior. Students meet this objective through core courses in the behavioral, biological, and cognitive sciences. Students have opportunities to develop and expand upon their professional skills. This graduate sequence can be completed in two years of full-time enrollment. Students are required to take a minimum of 38 credits and complete a master's thesis. This graduate sequence is designed to be completed in two years. Below is a list of required courses for the sequence. The courses are for three credits unless otherwise noted.

Required Courses

Sample Two-Year Plan of Study

Note: Enrollment in courses may be different each semester depending on faculty availability and the courses scheduled.

Year 1



Year 2