Dual Sequence

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Students admitted into a master's sequence in Psychology (Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences, Developmental Psychology, Industrial/Organizational-Social Psychology, or Quantitative Psychology) may complete coursework for a second (“dual”) sequence.

Students should complete the DUAL SEQUENCE APPLICATION. The application is an interactive Microsoft Word document. The student should open the application and complete it on a computer. The student should print, sign, and date the application and submit the signed application to the sequence coordinator by October 15. The sequence coordinator may write a letter of support for the student's application. The second sequence coordinator should receive the application and letter of support, if applicable, from the sequence coordinator by November 1.

The faculty members of the second sequence review the application and determine if the second sequence is appropriate based on the student's goals, qualifications, and the second sequence's resources (e.g., space limitation, faculty availability, etc.). After a decision is reached, the second sequence coordinator approves or denies the dual sequence application. The second sequence coordinator completes the lower portion of the application and submits it to the Graduate Programs Office for processing.

If the second sequence coordinator approves the application, the Graduate Programs Office updates the student's graduate record in Campus Solutions. The Graduate Programs Office notifies the student and both sequence coordinators when the student's graduate record includes the second sequence.

After completing all degree requirements, the University confers a master's degree in Psychology will a concentration that identifies both sequences.