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Quantitative Professional Seminar

FALL 2018

Class meets on alternative Tuesdays from 3:30- 4:20 p.m. in 48 DeGarmo Hall. Speaker evaluation surveys must be completed on ReggieNet in a timely fashion. Feedback is due the following Tuesday at 3:30 p.m.


Articles and PowerPoint slides from current and previous semesters are available through ReggieNet. When an article is listed below after a speaker, students should download the article from ReggieNet and read it prior to the presentation.

Students should note, however, that articles are not typically included in the fall semester when second-year students are presenting their theses; articles are presented in the spring semester when first-year students introduce and lead the discussion based on a specific article. Grades will be assessed based on the quantity and quality of participation and timeliness of speaker and topic feedback provided on ReggieNet .

Any last minute changes to the schedule below will be posted on ReggieNet and announced to ProSeminar participants through ReggieNet.

Aug. 21 — Welcome to New Students and Writing a Thesis (Jef Kahn)

Sept. 4 — Thesis update from Lydia Marvin

Sept. 18 — Thesis update from Alexis Pandelios

Oct. 2 — Thesis update from Nicole Landa

Oct. 16 — Thesis update from Cody Heap

Oct. 30 — Thesis update from Leslie Padilla

Nov. 13 — Thesis update from Liz Williams

Dec. 4 — Thesis update from Haley Hume