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Graduate trainees admitted to the Doctoral Program in School Psychology may choose to earn a master's degree in Psychology prior to receiving the doctorate degree. To be eligible for the master's degree, trainees must complete a minimum of 32 graduate credits, which is the first three years of the doctoral curriculum, and the master's thesis. Trainees should review the Master's Thesis section of the Doctoral Program's Policies and Procedures for more information about completing the master's degree. The Doctoral Program's Policies and Procedures are available on the Doctoral Forms & Agreements website .

Trainees are responsible for reviewing and complying with the department's Thesis Procedures, which are explained below. Trainees should also review the Thesis section in the Graduate Catalog . Trainees should also review the Graduate School's Student Support (Thesis Assistance) website for additional information about the University's thesis policies, continuous enrollment, graduation deadlines, etc. A thesis: